What’s Camille doing?  She’s starting a blog.

I just wanted to write something down. Something I could churn out quickly.  Something that wasn’t solid enough to go into my writing projects or secret enough to go in my journal.  A “Hey, here’s what I’ve been up to” kind of blog.  You know, something to jumpstart those creative juices.  A few friends I know already had blogs on wordpress, so I figured “why not?”  It’s a pretty nice site (always say gracious things about your host–er, host server).

But it isn’t that easy.  No, it goes way beyond logging on and picking a blog name.  All of a sudden, you’re required to choose a template that’s supposed to visually sum up everything your writing and your thoughts are about.  I mean, am I more Rubric template or “Girl in Green?”  One shows a pen and the other is, well, a girl in green.  Despite all appearances, I highly doubt this issue has been put to bed.  After that, there are widgets.  Widgets?!  What the hell is a “widget?”  And which widget do I want??  I wouldn’t know my “Akismet” from my “Meebo” and yet I better get it straight or I can file this under “blogfail,” right?  Then do I want an archive of my blog posts or a calendar?  I haven’t even posted one post in one day and I’m expected to decide how to display them?  How will I know what my categories are?  Links versus blogroll?  Is an RSS feed a sailing term?  The pressure is getting to me.  My desire to jot down a few random musings has turned into an anxiety-riddled night of determining forms and functions, styles and search engines.  Gah!

I finally take a deep breath and tell myself “in time.”  In time, I’ll figure it all out.  For now, just write.  This is what Camille Dewing is doing today.  She’s writing.