I’m making a Vision Board.  What’s that, you ask?  A vision board is a visual display—a collage, if you will—of what you want your life to look like.  You can clip pictures from magazines, books, posters, or the web of anything that you want to manifest in your life.  Say you want a puppy.  Stick a picture of a puppy on the board and, chances are, a puppy will wag its tail into your life.  Same goes for career, fitness, and relationship goals, or whatever else your heart and soul desire.  For all my fellow Oprah-Chopra groupies out there, a vision board comes with the belief that the Universe (with a capital “U”) will see your intention pasted up there and answer in kind.  For you non-believers, the board serves as an ever-present reminder to go after what you really want in life.  Where’s the harm in that?

There’s really only one rule that goes into making a vision board:  There are no rules.  Basically, you collect pictures that make you go “ooh” or “aahh” or smile or get excited.  In other words, give your ego the day off and let your gut pick the pix.  You could cut out a picture of a medal from a magazine because you want to run a race, or a corner office because you want a new job, or a musical note because you want to sing, or a couple holding hands on a beach because you want love.  (You could very well cut out a picture of a Lamborghini but keep in mind that even Lamborghini owners cut out pictures of puppies and romantic sunsets.)  Even if you don’t know what it is you want, clip out things that “speak” to you and eventually the message will become clear.

A friend told me about a friend of hers whose mother recently passed away.  She found her mother’s vision board that she’d made in 1998 and realized that her mom had accomplished 90% of the things she’d put on it.  Who knew a pair of scissors, glue, tag board, and leftover magazines could lead to so much?

Last week, I decided that I wanted to make a vision board.  I told the Hubs about my project—what it was, what it meant, how to make it—and he decided he wanted to make one, too.  No matter what he tells you, it was his choice.  I did not make him do it.  I had a ton of unread Oprah and Fitness magazines that needed to go and his men’s mags were piling up, so we got out the scissors on Sunday and went to town.  By day’s end, I’d clipped pictures of things like scuba adventures, laughing friends, tropical beaches, and inspirational sayings.  I checked the Hubs’s picture pile and discovered a photo of Brooklyn Decker from the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

“Do you know how this works?” I asked, a little too incredulously.  I reminded him that the pictures were a message to the Universe of what one wanted in his or her life:

Me:  Are you saying you want Brooklyn Decker?  Because that’s the message the Universe will get from this.

Hubs:  I’m saying I want more beauty in my life.

Me:  Can’t a picture of me represent more beauty in your life?

Hubs:  You weren’t in any of my Sports Illustrated magazines.

The next day, we bought more magazines.

The next step is to arrange and paste the pictures to a sturdy poster board, which you can get at any art supply store, then place the finished product in a place where it’s easily seen.  This is where it gets tricky.  You’d think you could just hang the vision board, kick back, and wait for all the cool stuff you posted to start popping up in your life.  Not quite.  You still have to get off your butt and make things happen. Yet, as they say, when your intention meets up with your action, things happen.  (Disclaimer: I don’t know “they” are, and I may have just made this up.  Feel free to attribute it to me if you find no other sources before today’s posting date.)

Like most teenagers, my stepson thought this whole exercise was pretty lame.  Pictures? Glue? Manifesting?  Yet, after seeing his dad’s “beauty” pile, which also included a picture of actress Olivia Wilde, the Kid is reconsidering.



* Interested in making your own vision board and need a little help getting started?  Check out Christine Kane’s blog: http://christinekane.com/blog/how-to-make-a-vision-board/.  There you’ll find loads of great tips and outside-the-box ideas to inspire you.


**Feel like sharing?  Email me at WhatsCamilleDewing@gmail.com with a picture of or a link to your vision board and what’s happened since you created it.  We’ll include it—and mine—in future updates.