A month ago, as December approached, I had a thought, “Why don’t I get all my talented friends to guest write on my blog so I can work on a few other projects?”  Of all the things I did this month, that was probably the smartest.  Bob Schnakenberg wet all our whistles.  Kenny Harmon tickled our funny bone. Annamarie Gatto made us hungry for more.  Jessie Dewing Thompson helped us create beautiful, lasting memories.  Rachel Wagner showed us that, yes, there is a Santa Claus—and he doesn’t care whether you hang a stocking or spin a dreidel.  And Crystal Velasquez made us see that there are things worth sticking to—none of them show up on a bathroom scale.  I don’t think there is an instrument invented (maybe a Starbucks gift card?) that can measure my gratitude to all of them for helping me out while I wrote a few posts for another site, which you can see here, here, here, here, and here.

I’ve been hearing a lot of Doomsday-ers saying that the world will end in 2012.  December 21st, to be exact.  They cite the end of the Mayan calendar as proof.  Other than the palindromic quality of 12-21-12, I’m not certain why this date stands out from all the others, but even the Kid is asking if he really needs to finish his homework since the world is going to end anyway.  My theory is that the Mayan calendar maker finished up this date, took a coffee break, got mauled by a jaguar, and never got back to working on 2013.


Still, everyone seems preoccupied with the future.  And then there are those who are stuck in the past—hanging on to hopes, expectations, and resentments.  Funny enough, my New Year’s Resolution for 2011 was to be more present.  Maybe I didn’t master it, but I learned a lot just by really being in the moment.  Perhaps the greatest lesson came from participating in NaNoWriMo.  Once you write a 50,000+ word novel, you’re left with very few excuses and the word “can’t” vanishes from your lips.


So What’s Camille Dewing in 2012?  More writing, more gratitude, more fun, and more ukulele.




That’s right.  After seriously silly thought, and an informal Facebook poll, I’ve decided to take up the ukulele.  All this writing I’ve been doing has made me feel fantastic, but I realized I need balance.  All work and no play makes Jack Camille a dull boy girl.  This isn’t my first foray into the musical world:  I learned the cello in 5th Grade, took up the clarinet in Junior High, can bang out a tune on the piano and picked up the classical guitar for college credit—though I’m proficient in none of them.  Banjo,  fiddle, and even the accordion were in the running, and my friends suggested everything from the nose flute to spoons, but, in the back of my head (or maybe my heart), I knew the uke was the One.  I’ve already warned the Hubs that there will be lots of ukulele music going on in the house.


“Why do you think I got those new headphones?” he said.


So, there’s one resolution—already underway.   (Tip:  If you’re serious about learning something new, schedule a lesson with an instructor—then you have to do it.)  Perhaps I’ll become one of the countless people on Youtube who upload themselves playing the uke.  You never know….


I know there’s more to write, but that’s what next week and the week after that is for.  So, enjoy yourself and have a very Happy New Year.