What I like to Dew


  • Writing: I love to write. And sometimes I hate it, too.  George Lucas said “When you sit down to do something at seven o’clock in the morning, you get hungry and you get something to eat and you realize it’s seven o’clock at night. That’s your passion.”  In the zone, I lose all track of time and direction.
  • Be with my dogs:  The Beast is the best.  He’s the nicest, sweetest, gentlest, and drooliest creature you will ever meet.  I love spending time with him. And now his new “little” sister, Gemma, completes the set!
  • Scuba dive: I became a certified scuba diver at age 12. I am most comfortable in the water and wonder if I was a mermaid in a past life. I once tried to get the Hubs to go diving with me. He had water clogged in his ear for three weeks.
  • Crossword puzzles:  Like my beloved Grandma Dewing, I love crossword puzzles. I do them in pen.  That’s right—pen. And to challenge myself, I try to do them in connective order.  That’s right—I’m that boring.
  • Dancing:  I love to dance and wish I did it more. My girls and I can go anywhere and set up a dance floor. That said, going out at 11 o’clock at night ain’t my style anymore.  That’s why I like weddings. You can boogie down at 6pm.
  • Taking it all in:  One of my favorite things to do is walk around the City. In the span of a block, you can see a piece of history, a celebrity, buskers, street preachers, a crazy person talking to no one, and a nice $5 pair of sunglasses.
  • Watching really cheesy and awful movies and TV: I credit this to watching Mystery Science Theatre 3000 as a kid in Minneapolis before it went national.  If it’s a choice between The Shawshank Redemption and Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1964), Merry Christmas E.T.!

What do you like to “Dew?”


1 thought on “What I like to Dew”

  1. Sandy Ledesma -Swogger said:

    Oh man have you watched “Manos : hands of fate!” MST3000…. Muy quesito!! Very cheesy!

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